About Me

Hello! My name is Toni, and I am currently living in Scotland, UK. I have recently graduated from university with a Bachelor’s in Biology and Geology, and my dream is to have a career in scientific research, focusing on the search for life on other planets.

I was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and since then I have begun to recognise some of the ways in which this makes me different. Although I do not claim to fully understand every aspect of this disorder, I am grateful that I am able to experience the world in such a unique way and I want to try to share this with others.

My hope is that this little blog will reach those who are not familiar with the idea of an autistic girl, or even reach other young women who, like me, are looking to connect with others that see the world like they do. My blog will aim to shed some light on to my experiences as a young, autistic woman, and the steps I have made to overcome any obstacles I have faced as I work towards my dream of studying life on other planets.

My Twitter profile is linked below if you want to check it out! I mostly post about science and I am also trying posting more about autism as well 🙂

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