The Journey of an Autistic Female Scientist

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  • Masking in autistic females: why we don’t “look” how you expect
    Very early in my journey towards a diagnosis, I read that autism is more commonly diagnosed in males than females. When I looked into this further, it became clear that autism is commonly missed in females due to multiple factors, including a lack of knowledge about how it is presented in females, misdiagnoses and masking.Continue reading “Masking in autistic females: why we don’t “look” how you expect”
  • My Diagnosis
    This is an insight into my journey towards a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which I received in December 2019. Although this is only one example of a route taken to get a diagnosis, I hope that some readers may find it useful to see how I went about it! Although I was diagnosedContinue reading “My Diagnosis”
  • What is Autism?
    This post will attempt to summarise some of the most important and widely accepted aspects of autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This is a post that I have always intended to do very soon after starting this blog, as I believe it will form a good foundation to build upon for further discussions aboutContinue reading “What is Autism?”
  • Hello friends
    This first exciting post will mostly focus on my goals for this blog, as well as an insight into some of the content which I may share. First of all, this blog will be my first attempt to openly talk about my autism. I am still coming to grips with what my autism means forContinue reading “Hello friends”

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