The Journey of an Autistic Female Scientist

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  • “She’s not ill, just weirder than we first thought”
    There are good and bad ways to talk about autism, and this is especially important if someone has opened up to you about being on the spectrum. I want to talk about the effects of the words we use on those around us.
  • Being overwhelmed: Autistic version
    My friends often ask why I squeeze my nose with both hands so often, and I in the past I explained it as a nervous tick. I was kind of right, because it’s a stress response associated with autism called “stimming”. This post will explain a little more about what stimming is and why it is important to understand.
  • I am “Literally” Confused
    Can you imagine taking things so literally that you vandalise your own home? I can. This is a brief and hopefully funny insight into my difficulties with understanding “hidden” meanings (sometimes they weren’t that hidden).
  • My University Experiences
    I’d like to talk a little bit about my experiences in higher education (so far, I still have more to go!). I wasn’t diagnosed with ASD until my final year of university, so it has taken a lot of reflection to recognise how it affected me throughout my degree because I had to learn whatContinue reading “My University Experiences”

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