The Journey of an Autistic Female Scientist

Latest Posts

  • Autism and Mental Health: My Story (so far)
    This post focuses on my personal experiences with mental health conditions (mainly anxiety) as an autistic woman, and aims to spread awareness about mental health and autism.
  • Sorry, who are you?
    Happy International Day of People with Disabilities! This post will talk about another neurological disorder that has been linked to autism and which has made my life extra difficult; face-blindness!
  • Searching for Aliens When You Feel Like One
    What is astrobiology? How did I get into the field? And how does it relate to being autistic? This post talks about aliens.
  • Please don’t touch me
    I want to talk a little bit about meltdowns. Why do they happen to autistic people? What do they look like? What should you do in that situation? Hopefully this post should clear up any misconceptions around this topic, and help any autistic readers to understand why our brains do this thing.

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